Some past events


"To discover and record the beauty I need light. The word  “photography” means drawing with light. I found the perfect tool. I draw with photons…"


Anna recently has started to exhibit her work. She has obtained several rewards. She is also curator for student's exhibitions.


October 2011 – Exhibition and performance  “On the roads”, Moscow Jewish Community Center MEOTZ


September 2012 – Renaissace Photography Prize finalists exhibition, Malls Galleries, London


September 2012 – Exhibition and perfomance “Café de Paris”, Adam street club, London


November 2012 - Curator. "L'Architecture Métallique",  Icart-Photo student's exhibition. Agency "CASA", Paris


November 2012- Personal exhibition «Pas à Pas, L’ile», Gallerie DDG, Paris


March 2013 -  Curator. "La Defense",  Icart-Photo student's exhibition. Agency "CASA", Paris


April 2013 –  Art Fair Monaco


January 2014 - Producer. LAB 7 Opening show


February 2014 - Curator. Exhibition Irina Kolesnikova, LAB 7, Paris


March 2014 - Curator. "Why the the georapher is doing art?",  exhibition Sonia Gavrilova, LAB 7, Paris


April 2014 - Curator . "Into the Unknown", exhibition Mila Nesterova, LAB 7, Paris


2014 -  Producer. "LA VITRINE", Nuit Blanche Paris, LAB 7, Paris


For more updates, please visit Anna's Facebook page "Anna Lt photography"